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Just For This Day Journal!

Just For This Day Journal!

Using God’s Words to:

* Embrace yesterday’s lessons.

* Anticipate and promote tomorrow’s goals.

* Purposefully keep synergy focused on today's actions.

Corporate Snippets...Dear Leader:

Corporate Snippets...Dear Leader:

24 heart-felt letters with empowering postscripts makes this 

a great course helping leaders love and grow their heart and the hearts they lead. 




Young-hearts Energizing SNIPPETS (YES)!Young-hearts Energizing Snippets (YES)!
Teach young hearts first,  the why and then how to declare, 

“Yes, I have power too!”



18 Jupiter Lane 

18 Jupiter Lane Love, heartbreak, courage, mystery, and magic at 18 Jupiter Lane 

where a 19th-century guardian and a 21st-century dead heart resides.


Feed My Heart! 

Feed My Heart! Spiritual, creative, intellectual, emotional and social ways to feed your heart good as 

the feed cultivates the vitalities and passions of our lives.


 TR Snippets

TR Snippets!

Things of interest, life lessons and blessings – a 130-piece coffee table book style created from

 the blog, Another Tuesday Morning – Thank You, GOD!




 Corporate Snippets...88 SnippTips

Corporate Snippets...88 SnippTips

Communities are made of people!  

When people are involved, hearts are involved; when hearts are involved, they must be feed well.  

Here you have eighty-eight ways to nourish the hearts in your community.

 An Extreme LOVING Experience (AELEX)!


Featuring 23 fabulous ways to love self better to love others more. 

 a product of 

TSN Learn Laugh Love Community!

offering something warm, something special, something loving 

for young hearts, seasoned hearts, business hearts - 

 any people-centered community (schools, churches, businesses, organizations).

Let us help nourish the hearts in your community - call TR at 404-491-2933 today!









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